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Male Storme

Grooming for men

01902 602043 / 0744 953 2911 / [email protected]

Massage & Body Treatments.

Massage Treatments.

Full body Swedish style massage. Approx 1 hour £35.00

Back & shoulder Swedish style massage. Approx 30 minutes £20.00

Leg massage Swedish style. Approx 30 minutes £20.00

Full body Hot Stone Massage £40.00

Full body Thai Compress Massage £45.00

Full body Thai Compress Massage with Thai facial massage £50.00

Parafango Body Treatment.

The parafango body wrap treatment being removed. Great as an addition following Massage, and day after hair removal, waxing.

A combination of beauty mud, paraffin wax, and other healing ingredients, Parafango is a popular cellulite treatment.

A nourishing skin treatment, Parafango is also used to help promote the circulation and makes an excellent detoxifying treatment.

Parafango therapy increases the metabolism of the fat cells, resulting in weight loss.

Firstly the body receives an exfoliation treatment, then a serum is massaged into the skin, followed by the warm mud.

Following 20 minutes of swaddling within a warm blanket, the treatment is then peeled from the body.

The most popular use of the treatment includes its application to the hips, thighs, abdomen, back and buttocks.

Health professionals say that the mixture rids the body of toxins in these target areas. This process works through the detoxifying effects of sea mud, or fango, and the heating properties of paraffin.

Parafango can also help the body rid itself of fluid.

The warm mud can also be used to soothe sore muscles and ease body pain and is therefore a great addition to a back, neck and shoulders massage, or full body massage.

Relaxation, skin rejuvenation and tightening, dimpling and stretch mark reduction, along with other effects have also been reported.

Just one application will yield benefits, but for optimal results, we recommend a series of treatments.

Single treatment. £45.00

3 treatments booked and paid for £110

6 treatments booked and paid for £200

10 treatments booked and paid for £280

All massage & Body Treatments are carried out by our male masseur.